“Setting Up a Zero Waste Shop” by Nicola & Richard Eckersley of Earth.Food.Love 建立零廢物商店分享

Earth.Food.Love的創始人Nicola和Richard Eckersley (英國Totnes)決定與所有人分享他們開設零廢物雜貨店的經驗。免費PDF。他們在那裡總結了 建立自己的零廢物商店10個最重要的步驟。他們的指南將在設置過程的第一階段為您提供幫助,為商店開業的所有不同階段做好準備。PDF幫助您熟悉這些主要問題。

4)如何通過營銷廣告在人們之間建立興趣和好奇心。該課程將社交媒體  營銷視為吸引盡可能多的人的理想工具。
5)購買合適的設備 (容器,現金提取,秤)– Nicola&Richard給您一些提示,聯繫方式和折扣。

After opening their own package-free supermarkets in Totnes (UK), Nicola and Richard Eckersley, founders of Earth.Food.Love (Totnes, UK), decided to share their experience of opening a zero-waste grocery store with everyone, through a free PDF. There, they summarized the 10 most important steps of setting up a zero-waste shop of your own. Their guide will help you in the first stages of your setting-up process, preparing you for all the different phases towards the shop opening. The PDF helps you in becoming familiar with these main issues.

1) Choosing the right location, considering people’s interest, existing competition, rental prices.
2) Planning your budget, the expenses you will need to incur for the right equipment, for the first big supply, for business and branding advisors, for registering the shop etc.
3) Creating your own brand. How to keep it “simple, communicative and powerful”.
4) How to build interest and curiosity amongst people through marketing and advertising. The course sees social media marketing as the perfect tool to attract as many people as possible.
5) Buying the right equipment (containers, cash draw, scales) – Nicola & Richard give you some tips, contacts and discounts.
6) Choosing the best suppliers: highest quality at lowest price.
7) Deciding who you want to target as a customer. Beside zero-wasters, you might also decide to specialize in some specific niche products (e.g. olive oils, flours, spices…). It teaches you, for example, to think about the average age and income of your target audience.
8) You can sell both food and non-food products. What about packaging-free detergents, bamboo cutlery, books, reusable sanitaries…?
9) Hygiene is a must!
10) How do you want your clients to pay? Consider and choose the different paying methods.

But, above all, Nicola and Richard want to tell you not to stress about the business skills you might lack: they would like you to know that with love, commitment, patience and passion, your shop will be a success. All the legal and practical issues are a means to reach your goal: a great impact, avoiding tons of plastic packing from reaching our oceans!

“Setting Up a Zero Waste Shop”
by Nicola & Richard Eckersley of Earth.Food.Love